North Carolina

DIABETES4788The PATHS team began conducting interviews with stakeholders in North Carolina in the fall of 2012. After many interviews and focus groups, as well as significant independent research, the team drafted a report describing the type 2 diabetes landscape in the state, as well as opportunities to improve prevention and management of the disease. The team vetted the report with stakeholders through several rounds of consultation, and published “The 2014 North Carolina State Report: Providing Access to Healthy Solutions” in May 2014.

The PATHS team hosted the North Carolina Diabetes Leadership Dinner and Forum as the public release of the Report. The PATHS team also presented their findings before the North Carolina Diabetes Advisory Council. Legislators, state agency policymakers, and community leaders attended the events to learn about the findings and recommendations in the report and discuss priorities for moving forward. The Forum was successful in bringing together key advocates from both the primary prevention and health care sectors in an effort to address type 2 diabetes across the state.

Following the Forum, the PATHS team sent a survey to all attendees and other key stakeholders in order to select top advocacy priorities. The results indicated that stakeholders were eager to move forward in addressing access and reimbursement for the Diabetes Prevention Program and Diabetes Self-Management Education. In the fall of 2014, the Diabetes Advisory Council convened two working groups comprised of government, health care providers, and advocates. These working groups are charged with drafting five-year Action Plans that include concrete advocacy goals regarding the Diabetes Prevention Program and Diabetes Self-Management Education, and with taking immediate steps to implement these Action Plans.

For more information on North Carolina policy priorities, see our fact sheets on key topics, below: