PATHS Background and History

PATHS is funded through Together on Diabetes, the flagship philanthropic program of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation. PATHS brings a broad policy focus to the Together on Diabetes™ Initiative. The project works to strengthen federal, state, and local efforts to improve type 2 diabetes treatment and prevention through the development and implementation of strategic law and policy reform initiatives that can bolster these efforts.

CHLPI’s PATHS Initiative includes the following components:

  1. State-Based Policy Research and Recommendations

The first phase of CHLPI’s PATHS initiative began in the summer of 2012, with two state-level policy initiatives, in New Jersey and North Carolina. In order to gain a deep understanding of how law and policies in New Jersey and North Carolina impact the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes, the PATHS teams conducted online research and interviewed stakeholders in the states.

This research culminated in comprehensive reports that provide (1) an overview of the impact of type 2 diabetes in each state as well as profiles of each state’s demographics, economy, political structure, and existing state programs to address diabetes; (2) a discussion of the policies in New Jersey and North Carolina that impact type 2 diabetes; and (3) an analysis of how the states can improve their diabetes-related policies to reduce the prevalence and consequences of type 2 diabetes.

The PATHS team is now conducting ongoing work in those states to help our state partners use these reports as tools for advocacy and change.

  1. National Policy Research and Recommendations

In addition to state-specific recommendations for policy change, our work in New Jersey and North Carolina has yielded important insights about policy reforms needed in all states, as well as at the federal level, to comprehensively address barriers to care faced by people living with or at risk for Type 2 diabetes. Based on our state-level findings in North Carolina and New Jersey, the PATHS team is now conducting two reports to fill this need: a federal policy report and a report on state-level best practices to help assist other states interested in these issues.

The federal policy report will focus on equity in access to diabetes care and treatment and policy measures that address health disparities, as well as opportunities to leverage established federal programs to improve outcomes for people living with Type 2 diabetes. We will publish this report in early 2015 and will host a launch for interested partners, advocates, and policymakers.

The state best practices report will cover policy changes to address the diabetes epidemic, synthesizing some of the lessons learned through our experiences in North Carolina and New Jersey, our one-on-one work with grantees in states across the country, and other research.  The best practices report will pull out key points from our pilot state reports and make our state-specific policy recommendations generalizable for a nationwide audience.

  1. Technical Assistance to Together on Diabetes Grantees

PATHS also includes technical assistance to other organizations funded through Together on Diabetes™. Technical assistance may include:

  • Development and delivery of one or more trainings on the legal/policy context of various aspects of the project work.
  • Development of a white paper on the legal/policy implications of project interventions.
  • Development and delivery of one or more substantive presentations on the legal/policy implications of project interventions to community partners, legislative partners, and other interested parties.
  • Research on one or more specific legal issues that interact with project work.

CHLPI selects two ToD grantees per six-month period to receive technical assistance. The resulting policy papers, presentations, and materials are posted on this site to serve as resources for other organizations.

  1. Webinars, Presentations, and Trainings

In order to better serve ToD grantees and others working on type 2 diabetes issues more broadly, CHLPI also provides various webinars, presentations, and trainings. Many of the webinars and presentations are open to the public, and will be advertised on this site and posted on this site on the “Publications and Presentations” page.

About Together on Diabetes 

Together on Diabetes was launched in November 2010 with the goal to improve the health outcomes of people living with type 2 diabetes in the United States by strengthening patient self-management education, community-based supportive services and broad-based community mobilization. Consistent with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation’s mission to promote health equity and improve health outcomes, this initiative targets adult populations disproportionately affected by type 2 diabetes. Together on Diabetes™ partners include non-profits, universities, foundations, and associations, many of which provide direct services to people living with type 2 diabetes.